Cell-to-cell Adhesions Notes

Elastin rubbery protein fiber abundant in lung tissue

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Unformatted text preview: in C deficiency o causes collagen fibers to be damaged. o Results in bleeding in skin and mucous membranes.  Elastin  Rubbery protein fiber  Abundant in lung tissue  Promotes flexibility  Also found in stomach  Fibronectin  Promotes cell adhesion  Holds cells in position (in one place, crucial)  Reduced production of fibronectin in cancer cells that break free and metastasize o 2) cell adhesion molecules in cells’ plasma membranes o 3) specialized cell junctions: plasma desmata (connects one cell to another) Membrane Transport • Cell membrane is selectively permeable • Two properties of particles influence whether they can cross cell membrane without assistance o Relative solubility of particle in lipid o Size of the particle  ­Polar ­hydrophilic: dissolves in water  ­Non ­Polar hydrophobic may not dissolve in water but can in other solutions (Ex. oils) • • • Un ­assisted membrane transport (no energy is used) a pump requires energy so DON’T refer to these as a ‘pump’ o Diffusion  Movement of substance across a membrane down its concentration gradient  Spontane...
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