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ECE425 Fall 2006 Homework Set 9 Your solutions to these problems are due in the ECE425 hand-in box at 5:00 PM on Friday, Nov.10, 2006. The hand-in box is located outside the south entrance to Phillips Hall 219 (usual place) and we use the upper right hand box. No late homework will be accepted without an official university excuse. Please work on these problems well in advance of the due date as we fully expect you may have questions and/or need suggestions. Problem 25 EQUI-RIPPLE WITH EQUAL SPACING AS FIRST GUESS In lecture, and in the filter notes (very end of Chapter 3), we gave an example of a length-5 equi-ripple design achieved through iteration. In that example, we started with a smart guess for the extremal frequencies, knowing that the band edges, and at least one of the endpoints, had to be extremal frequencies. Two iterations later, we had a converged solution. For this problem, repeat the problem, but assume as a first guess that the extremal frequencies are equally spaced.
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