3 22413 many proteins are glycosylated on asparagine

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Unformatted text preview: nsport out of it. In the acCve learning secCon this week, you will be examining the dynamics of a protein synthesized on the endoplasmic reCculum and its transport to and within the Golgi Apparatus. 3 2/24/13 Many Proteins are Glycosylated on Asparagine in the ER: ‘N’- linked glycosylaCon (mRNA and Ribosome not shown) ……..Asn- X- Ser/Thr……..(where X is any amino acid except proline) Figure 15-23 Essential Cell Biology Chaperones assist protein folding and prevent misfolded proteins from leaving the ER Correct protein folding oXen involves disulfide bond formaCon between appropriate cysteine residues. If a protein does not fold correctly, it is degraded. This is called the ‘ER Quality Control System’ Figure 15-24 Essential Cell Biology 4 2/24/13 The major form of cysCc fibrosis is due to a mutaCon i...
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