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A common mutabon results in retenbon of the mutant

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Unformatted text preview: ion at appropriate desCnaCon Transport to the Golgi complex cis medial trans trans Golgi network ‘TGN’ Julie movie: following the secreBon pathway in living cells 12 2/24/13 Membrane bound organelles are organized and transported along microtubules by ‘molecular motors’ Transport vesicle Readings for Next Lecture EssenBal Cell Biology pages: 522- 526 13 2/24/13 Lecture 10 Summary (page 1 of 2) •  The endoplasmic reBculum is the site of synthesis of proteins of the ‘secretory’ pathway. This includes membrane proteins that will eventually either remain in the ER or be targeted to the Golgi, or endosomes, or lysosomes or the plasma membrane. It also includes proteins that are secreted out of the cell, or reside in the lumen of the ER, or Golgi, or endosomes or...
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