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Lecture 10 - 2 slides page

Adaptors capture cargo receptors by binding their

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Unformatted text preview: olecular Biology of the Cell (© Garland Science 2008) 6 2/24/13 Vesicle budding and fusion: General Principles The topology of the lipid bilayer is preserved, as is the topology of membrane proteins The lumen of the ER, Golgi, and lysosomes correspond topologically to the ‘outside’ of the cell The regions of proteins with N- linked glycosylaCon are topologically on the lumenal side and therefore on the ‘outside’ of the cell Figure 13-2 Molecular Biology of the Cell COPII vesicles transport selecCve cargo from the ER to the Golgi 1.  SelecCon of cargo to be transported is mediated by transport COPII =Coat Protein II receptors 2.  Adaptors capture cargo receptors by binding their cytoplasmic tails 3.  Coat proteins bind adaptors to form a vesicle 4.  Vesicle pinches from membrane 5.  Vesicle...
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