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Seleccon of cargo to be transported is mediated by

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Unformatted text preview: is uncoated and ready to fuse with target membrane Adaptors COPII Coat Cargo receptor Coated Vesicle Transport Vesicle Cytosol ER Lumen ER Membrane Very heavily adapted from: Figure 15-20 Essential Cell Biology 7 2/24/13 Rab GTP Cycle and SNARES direct transport vesicles to their target membranes Rab- GTP GDP Rab- GEF GTP v- SNARE = vesicle SNARE t- SNARE = target SNARE Rab- GDP Rab- GAP Modified from Figure 15-21 Essential Cell Biology SNARES play a central role in membrane fusion Figure 15-22 Essential Cell Biology 8 2/24/13 General Key Points about transport by membrane vesicles Membrane vesicles mediate transport between many different membrane- bound compartments. How do they form and know which compartment to fuse with? •  Transport between membrane bound compartments involves transport vesicles. •  SelecCon of cargo to be transported is mediated by receptors •  Adaptors link...
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