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Lecture 10 - 2 slides page

Sequencal modicacon of the oligosaccharide chains 2

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Unformatted text preview: the receptors to coat proteins •  Coat proteins shape the transport vesicle •  A Rab protein with bound GTP associates with the transport vesicle •  The transport vesicle is docked through the Rab- GTP to tethering factors •  Hydrolysis of Rab- GTP to Rab- GDP and Pi is catalyzed by the Rab- GAP •  The Rab- GDP protein leaves and is recycled by the Rab- GEF protein •  A transport vesicle includes a v- SNARE as an idenCty tag •  The target membrane has a t- SNARE • Membrane fusion is driven by Cght associaCon of the v- SNARE and t- SNAREs •  There is are specific Rab proteins and v- SNARE/t- SNAREs for each transport step Figure 13-2 Molecular Biology of the Cell Today’s topics 1.  Events in the ER: Protein glycosylaBon, protein folding and protein Quality Control 2.  Transport by vesicles to the Golgi Apparatus: COPII 3.  Protein modificaBon in the Golgi, and transport out of it. 9 2/24/13 The Golgi apparatus is made of a stack of flajened, membrane- enclosed sacs called cisternae endoplasmic reBculum FuncCons of the Golgi Apparatus: 1. SequenCal modificaCon of the oligosaccharide chain...
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