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There are many rab proteins each one is specic for a

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Unformatted text preview: ults in retenBon of the mutant CFTR in the ER by the quality control system and degradaBon of the mutant CFTR. •  The pathway of secretory proteins was first discovered by following the iBnerary of proteins synthesized on the endoplasmic reBculum. Proteins desBned for the cell surface are synthesized on the ER, transported to the Golgi apparatus, where they undergo appropriate sequenBal modificaBon of their oligosaccharide chains, and then packaged in vesicles and transported from the Trans- Golgi Network to the plasma membrane and released from the cell. • The endocyBc pathway brings molecules in from outside the cell, or from the plasma membrane. •  The secretory pathway and endocyBc pathways intersect in endosomes. •  Transport between sequenBal membrane...
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