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Lecture 10 - 2 slides page

Therefore the lumen of the er golgi and endosomes are

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Unformatted text preview: lysosomes. •  During synthesis of proteins on the ER, whenever the sequence Asn- X- Ser/Thr comes through the translocon, a large oligosaccharide is transferred from a lipid- oligosaccharide donor to the asparagine side chain. This is called N- linked glycosylaBon. It never occurs on proteins in the cytosol. •  Proteins have to be correctly folded in the ER. This o]en involves disulfide bond formaBon between appropriately located cysteine residues. If they are not properly folded, they are assisted in their folding by proteins known as chaperones. If they cannot achieve the correct folded state, they are removed and degraded by the quality control system. •  The cysBc fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CTFR) is a regulated plasma membrane Cl- channel. A common mutaBon res...
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