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Lecture 10 - 2 slides page

This includes membrane proteins that will eventually

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Unformatted text preview: s. 2.  Protein SorCng plasma membrane lysosome via endosome Remember: This is true for both water- soluble lumenal secretory proteins and proteins embedded in the membrane. Figure 15-26 Essential Cell Biology Oligosaccharide ModificaCon Enzymes are found in disCnct compartments of the Golgi Apparatus Unstained secCon Osmium Stain Nucleoside diphosphatase Acid phosphatase Figure 13-27 Molecular Biology of the Cell (© Garland Science 2008) 10 2/24/13 Secretory components are sorted in the TGN for the consCtuCve and regulated exocyCc pathways Figure 15-27 Essential Cell Biology Figure 15-28 Essential Cell Biology (© Garland Science 2010) 11 2/24/13 The Membrane Traffic SorCng Protein synthesis on rough endoplasmic reCculum. N- linked glycosylaCon Quality control ModificaCon, sorCng and transport out of the Golgi complex Nucleus Transport, delivery and fus...
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