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For a cdk to be achve it needs both a cyclin and the

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Unformatted text preview: replicaHon. The cell has a series of ‘checkpoints’ that delay the cell cycle unHl a parHcular process, like DNA replicaHon, is completed. •  There are three important checkpoints in the cell cycle. Before embarking on the cell cycle, the cell assesses if condiHons are favorable (eg. are there sufficient nutrients?) to undertake a complete cycle. This is called the G1 checkpoint. If the condiHons are right, the cell can proceed into S- phase. •  At the end of S- phase, there is a mechanism to check two important aspects of DNA replicaHon. First, it checks to ensure that all DNA is replicated. Second, it checks to make sure there is no DNA damage. This is called the G2 checkpoint. If everything is fine, the cell is ready to enter mitosis. •  As w...
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