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The master kinases of the cell cycle are called cdks

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Unformatted text preview: of DNA replicaHon is called the S- phase (for ‘synthesis’). •  Between S- phase and M- phase are gaps, called G1 and G2. Thus, the cell cycle goes G1- S- G2- M. •  The length of the cell cycle can vary enormously. Yeast cells can divide in about 2 hours, whereas the cell cycle in an animal can vary a great deal. IntesHnal epithelial cells divide every 12 hours, whereas liver cells divide about once a year, and some cells withdraw from the cell cycle enHrely and never divide again (eg. nerve cells). •  An essenHal feature of the cell cycle is that one process must be completed before the cell a]empts the next. For example, it would be disastrous if a cell a]empted to segregate its chromosomes before finishing DNA...
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