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This part of the cell cycle is called m phase the rest

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Unformatted text preview: checkpoint Figure 18-3 Essential Cell Biology 12 3/3/13 DNA damage can acEvate the G1 checkpoint: The role of p53 – the ‘guardian of the genome’ p53 is a tumor suppressor, mutated in about 50% of cancers. Figure 18-16 Essential Cell Biology Readings for Next Lecture EssenHal Cell Biology pages: 625- 636 13 3/3/13 Lecture 12 summary (Page 1 of 2) •  Life began about 3 billion years ago and the most criHcal aspect of this event was the ability of cells to duplicate themselves, ie go though a cell division cycle. Because of its ancient origin, the mechanisms controlling the cell cycle are ancient and highly conserved. •  To produce two idenHcal cells, the DNA in each chromosome must be accurately duplicated and the replicated chromosomes accurately segregate...
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