Cancers figure 18 16 essential cell biology readings

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Unformatted text preview: ordering of cell cycle events is controlled by checkpoints. 3.  Cyclin- dependent kinases drive the cell cycle 4.  Cyclin- Cdk complexes are regulated by inhibitory and acHvaHng phosphorylaHons. 5.  Defects in checkpoints can cause cancer. The G1 Checkpoint ‘Start’ Checkpoint Cells that never divide again, Start Go leave G1 and withdraw into a state called Go •  Point at which cells decide whether to enter the cell cycle based on environmental signals •  Growth factors (like epidermal growth factor – EGF) signal the cell to pass through the G1 checkpoint and enter the cell cycle •  When they commit to enter it, they generally complete the cell cycle •  The differences in cell cycle length are mostly due to differences in the Eme spent at the G1...
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