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Checkpoint in mitosis m phase substrates figure 18 10

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Unformatted text preview: s are at the core of the cell- cycle control system Cyclin- dependent kinases (Cdks) Figure 4-38B Essential Cell Biology Cell cycle control depends on the cyclical acEvaEon of Cyclin- dependent protein kinases (Cdks) Kinase present throughout the cell cycle whose acEvity is dependent on cyclins ConcentraEon varies during the cell cycle M 6 3/3/13 Cdks associate with different cyclins to trigger the different events of the cell cycle G1 checkpoint S- phase substrates Checkpoint G2 checkpoint in mitosis M- phase substrates Figure 18-10 Essential Cell Biology Today’s topics 1.  The cell cycle is divided into four phases. 2.  The ordering of cell cycle events is controlled by checkpoints. 3.  Cyclin- dependent kinases drive the cell cycle 4.  Cyclin- Cdk complexes are regulated by inhibitory and acHvaHng phosphorylaHons. 5.  Defects in checkpoints can cause cancer. 7 3/3/13 For a Cdk to be acEve, it must be phosphorylated at one site and dephosphorylated a...
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