Find immune compable donor and collect stem cells to

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Unformatted text preview: signals that maintain the stem cells and promote the prolifera;on of the precursor cells.) The blood system is constantly renewed from stem cells that reside in the bone marrow 5 4/28/13 Therapeu.c use of adult hematopoie.c stem cells: Bone marrow transplant for cure of diseases of the blood (including blood cancers). Use strong chemotherapy or radia?on to kill the cancer cells, but this treatment also kills hematopoei?c stem cells. Find immune- compa?ble donor and collect stem cells to transplant. (In some cases, pa?ent can donate marrow prior to treatment.) Inject the cells into the bloodstream of the pa?ent and they will find their way to the marrow and repopulate the blood. Adipose stem cells for healing of chronic wounds Remove adipose ?ssue from the pa?ent (e.g. liposuc?on) Fr...
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