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Ated cells well studied examples skin stem cells

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Unformatted text preview: do organisms maintain .ssues and organs? 1.  Adult Stem cells 2.  Embryonic stem cells 3.  Therapeu?c cloning 4.  Induced pluripotent stem cells 2 4/28/13 Adult stem cells generate a con?nuous supply of terminally differen?ated cells. Well- studied examples: •  Skin stem cells •  Intes?nal stem cells •  Hematopoe?c stem cells •  Neuronal stem cells 3 4/28/13 The lining of the intes?ne is constantly renewed via stem cells that reside in the crypts between the intes?nal villi. Stem cells reside in stem cell niches that via signaling maintain the iden?ty of stem cells. Other signals control the rate of cell division of the stem cells and precursor cells. 4 4/28/13 What makes up the niche? (You don’t need to memorize these pathways - - know that the stem cell niche produces...
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