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On factors oct 34 sox 2 and klf 4 master regulators

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Unformatted text preview: X X ¼ Homozygous for the knockout 11 4/28/13 How do organisms maintain .ssues and organs? 1.  Adult Stem cells 2.  Embryonic stem cells 3.  Therapeu?c cloning 4.  Induced pluripotent stem cells Can human embryonic stem cells provide a source of ?ssues for regenera?on or for gene therapy? Major Problems: 1.  Histocompa?bility – ?ssues made from embryonic stem cells will have different histocompa?bility an?gens from host and will be rejected. 2.  Ethics – is it ethical to create human embryos to generate ?ssue for transplants? 12 4/28/13 Cloning to produce histocompa?ble stem cells REPRODUCTIVE CLONING THERAPEUTIC CLONING This provides a way to get histocompa?ble embryonic stem cells But…….. Nuclear transplanta?on is technically di...
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