Ssues and organs 1 adult stem cells 2 embryonic stem

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Unformatted text preview: ge and blastocyst forma?on 8 4/28/13 Transplanta?on of inner cell mass reveals lack of commitment of these cells. The cells of the inner cell mass can be grown in culture indefinitely, are pluripotent, and can be induced to differen?ate into a variety of cell types. Inner cell mass cells Injec?on into blastocyst Embryonic Stem Cells Adult stem cells 9 4/28/13 ES cells behave exactly like inner cell mass cells Gene?cally engineer ES cells •  transgenic expression •  gene replacement ES cells provide a means for sophis?cated gene?c engineering in mouse. 2007 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine Capecchi, Evans, Smithies 10 4/28/13 Gene replacement through homologous recombina.on in ES cells Gene knockouts provide an incredibly useful tool for the study of mammalian cell and developmental biology....
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