Ssues and organs 1 adult stem cells 2 embryonic stem

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Unformatted text preview: ac?onate the ?ssue to recover stem cells. Construct scaffold made from human extracellular matrix Seed the scaffold with adipose stem cells and implant at the wound site. The growth factors produced by the adipose stem cells can overcome the deficiencies associated with chronic wounds. 6 4/28/13 Adult stem cells in the brain!! Limita.ons of adult stem cells for therapy: •  Hard to iden?fy and isolate •  Need to replicate the niche condi?ons to propagate the cells •  Need different types of adult stem cells for different therapies •  Difficult to obtain certain ?ssues (e.g. brain) •  Need to overcome problems with immune system 7 4/28/13 How do organisms maintain .ssues and organs? 1.  Adult Stem cells 2.  Embryonic stem cells 3.  Therapeu?c cloning 4.  Induced pluripotent stem cells Mammalian cleava...
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