Response portals are electronic gateways to portals

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Unformatted text preview: is communication in the form Spam of electronic junk e-mail or unsolicited e-mail. Dynamic pricing is the practice of changing Dynamic prices for products and services in real time in response to supply and demand conditions. response Portals are electronic gateways to Portals the World Wide Web that supply a broad the range of news and entertainment, information resources, and shopping services. resources, Cookies are computer files that a marketer can Cookies download onto the computer of an online shopper who visits the marketer’s website to record a user’s visit, track visits to other websites, and store and retrieve this information in the future. information Multichannel marketing is the blending of Multichannel blending different communication and delivery channels that are mutually reinforcing in attracting, mutually retaining, and building relationships with consumers who shop and buy in the traditional marketplace and marketspace. marketplace...
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