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Final Notes - Race Racialism vs racism Modern Anti-Semitism...

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Race Racialism vs. racism Modern Anti-Semitism Marr Duhring Chamberlain 18 th c before “modern genetics” Mendel Believed that characteristics get passed down The idea of race was introduced in 1749 by Buffon Kant in the 1770s and 1780s spoke of races as a subdivision of human species; B/c inter-fertile Fichte’s definition of nationalism somewhat ~ to idea of race Before Darwin ; Race passing on of characteristics to another Used w/o scientific basis; understood that it happened, did not know why Second half of the 19 th century Result of evolutionary theory + Darwin and his followers Traits being passed on Hereditary characteristics Discredited that organisms acquire traits from environment Concept of race attached to that realm of science (Darwinian evolution) Eventually becomes the most dominant method of classifying humans accepted by both science and the public Racialism vs. racism Racialism applies to the widely accept view in the last decades of 19 th century that people can be classified via race (regardless and separate from intent ) Largely according to physical characteristics; assuming physical characteristics derived from parents (some extend physical traits to mental/intellectual realm racial judgments ) Racism is the application of racialist principles to hatred/hostility; targeting group with those perceived physical or mental attributes Jews throughout history have been targets Ex. Karl Marx wrote that Jews were exploiters of the economy ”character” arguments over racial arguments; those developed in the 19 th century Modern Anti-Semitism ( Marr) (1879) race-based arguments against Jews (post-Darwin)
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Marr founded the League of Anti-Semites Victory of Judaism over Germandom ”Semitic” meaning (any) group of different ethnic groups/race w/ a common ancestor Arabs/Jews, etc. Why? confessional synonym of ‘religious’ (What confession are you? = What religion are you?) Principle of unity outside of just religion (traditionally what Jews tied themselves w/) Because they are a race ; the word ‘Semitic’ is used to illicit ‘tribalism’ There can’t be anything done (they cannot be converted etc.) Only thing to do is fight them Varies from traditional aversion to Jews (Judeo-phobia) to one with ‘reasoning’ Marr ”Flexible, tenacious, intelligent, foreign tribe” (266) Jews ‘can’t help themselves’ inherited 2 years after Marr Duhring The Question of the Jew is a Question of Race Duhring attempts to persuade the reader that Jews are a race & not just a religious group Chamberlain The Foundation of the Nineteenth Century “Race lifts a man above himself….all parts of the world” (270) Talks about race generally speaking; praise for idea of race ~ to “Racial Purity” (Aryan race) Don’t corrupt that purity by intermarrying “Jews deserve admiration …to their advantage” (272)
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Final Notes - Race Racialism vs racism Modern Anti-Semitism...

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