The least significant bits of the host image are used

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Unformatted text preview: t significant bits of the host image are used to hide the most significant bits of the hidden image (for image-in-image hiding). The least significant bits can always be used to hide other data types. + = Copyrights are reserved @ 2010 for Dr. Alomari, CIS, JU The next example will show how image-in-image hiding works via this method. 1 IMAGE TECHNIQUES IMAGE TECHNIQUES Store host image and hidden image in memory. Original Images Bit Level 1 7 4 Pick the number of bits you wish to hide the hidden image in. Scan through the host image and alter its LSB’s with the hidden images MSB’s. So when 4 bits are used to hide information… Host Pixel: 10110001 Secret Pixel: 00111111 New Image Pixel: 10110011 To extract the hidden image, you basically take out the LSB’s from the host image and create a new image from them. LIMITATIONS AND ATTACKS BASIC ATTACKS Five categories of attacks: - Robustness attacks attempt to diminish or remove the watermark. - Presentat...
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