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20-21 Conditioning and Learning
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10/25/2012 1 Psychology 101 Intro Bio Cog Psych University of British Columbia Dr. Michael Souza Classical and operant conditioning Observational learning Learning objectives To understand the process of classical conditioning and to link that to various forms of real-world learning To appreciate how and why operant conditioning is a powerful way to shape the behavior of others To explore the role of observational learning and to uncover a potential biological basis for this ability 2 Picture: From Schacter’s Psychology (2nded) The basics of learning Associative learning Stimuli and valences Evolutionary significance of learning? 3 Picture: From Schacter’s Psychology (2nded) Overview of some major forms of learning Classical conditioning Neutral stimulus gains significance Operant conditioning Shaping an individual’s behavior Observational learning Monkey see, monkey do 4 Picture: From Schacter’s Psychology (2nded) Classical conditioning
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