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cultural event 3 - made it seem as though it was a personal...

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University of Denver, School of Art and Art History RECORD OF ATTENDANCE AT CULTURAL EVENTS Student Name: _ Carrie Gamper _____________________ Qtr/Yr___ 2/2008 _________ Art Courses enrolled this quarter: _ Foundations in Art History ________________________ Event name/place/date: _ Jung Yeon Kim/Lamont School of Music/February 10, 2008 __ The Lamont School of Music was offering an opportunity to hear Wolfgang Stockmeier, a professional organist, to perform at the Hamilton Recital Hal on February 10, 2008. However at the last minute Mr. Stockmeier fell ill, and was unable to perform. In his place a Lamon music student, Jung Yeon Kim played an Audition Concert on the organ. It was impressive to see a young student perform the classic pieces. The concert was performed at the Hamilton Recital Hall at The Newman Center for the Performing Arts on the University of Denver campus. The hall is relatively small in size, which
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Unformatted text preview: made it seem as though it was a personal performance. During the performance many of the audience members were seated on the same balcony as the organ, the second level. The room was dimly lit but the lights played of the William K Coors organ pipes in a very impressive manner. The audience received each piece with enthusiasm. Kim performed three pieces from different periods in music history. Since each was a different style. The first concerto had a faster tempo than the second and third. The second was a sonata, written by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, which was a bit slower and in general was mellower. The final piece, written by Jean Langlais, started with a slow, mellow sound ending with a faster tempo and seeming to use the entire range of pipes available. This personal experience was powerful and impressive, especially when performed by a current music student, Jung Yon Kim....
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