Essenally you need all of these to get pol ii to

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Unformatted text preview: bosomal RNAs Pol II: most messenger RNAs Pol III: tRNAs and some histone messages For this course we will focus exclusively on RNA pol II 5/23/11 General transcrip1on factors (GTFs) are required for the expression of all genes transcribed by pol II. Essen/ally, you need all of these to get pol II to func/on. Transcrip1on ac1va1on factors (TAFs) are required for recogni/on of the promoter by the polymerase. The specificity of transcrip/on (how frequently a par/cular promoter will be recognized, if at all) is determined by transcrip/on ac/va/on factors. Although eukaryo/c genes are o]en regulated by ac/vators, repressors exist too! A repressor might be required to shut down a gene that is in an ac/ve (euchroma/c) state. General transcrip1on factors Establishment of a func/onal transcrip/on complex requires something like 30 proteins. This is MUCH MUCH more complicated than bacterial transcrip/on. Transcrip/on is ini/ated by TF II D TFIID itself includes many proteins. TFIID recognizes the TATA box ­ the sequence that determines the exact posi/on and orienta/on of the promoter. The frequency of mRNA ini/a/on will depend partl...
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