Estradiol promote formation of female secondary sex

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Unformatted text preview: I either by interac/ng with TFIID or by ac/va/ng chroma/n (or by passing the buck ­ interac/ng with the real ac/vator) The modular nature of the TF makes it easy for the cell ­ on an evolu/onary /me scale ­ to develop new modes of gene regula/on. Fusion of the signal sensing domain of one TF to a TF that recognizes a different set of genes, or swapping a repressor for an ac/vator domain, will generate a whole new style of gene regula/on. Of course, the cell has to just get lucky and wait for that random rearrangement (muta/on) to occur ­ and then for natural selec/on to do its thing. There’s no solid evidence that this swapping can be induced inten/onally! 5/23/11 Simple example: estrogen perception What do estrogens do? estradiol Promote formation of female secondary sex characteristics accelerate metabolism reduce muscle mass increase fat stores stimulate endometrial growth increase uterine growth increase vaginal lubrication thicken the vaginal wall maintenance of vessel and skin reduce bone resorption, increase bone formation morphic change (endomorphic -> mesomorphic -> ectomorphic) protein synthesis increase hepatic production of binding proteins coagulation increase circulating level of factors 2, 7, 9, 10, plasminogen decrease antithrombin III increase platelet adhesiveness Lipidincrease HDL, triglyceride decrease LDL, fat deposition Fluid balance salt (sodium) and water retention increase cortisol, SHBG Gastrointestinal tract reduce bowel motility increase cholesterol in bile Melanin increase pheomelanin, reduce eumelanin Cancer suppor...
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