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Biological Sciences 1130 Evolution Dr. Lou Problem Set 4 April 20, 2006 1. Dogs and humans have been associated with the old world for about 12,000 to 14,000 years while only about 9,000 to 10,000 years in the new world. The evidence for this comes from the archeological record which shows the oldest old world dog remains in Germany, Israel and Iraq and the oldest new world dog remains in Danger Cave, Utah. In one case, the discovery of a puppy skeleton that was found in Israel was actually being held in the hands of a human. There is still some speculation though since some scientists believe that dogs could have arisen about 135,000 years ago. 2. Domestic dog’s paedomorphic relationship to their wolf ancestors is exemplified with the retention of juvenile traits. Examples of this include a shorter snout, a smaller body size and puppy like cranial morphology. In addition to physical paedomorphosis there is retention of juvenile behavioral traits which include soliciting attention by playing, groveling and whining all of which wolves outgrow as they mature. 3. After the selection experiment of wild silver foxes over 20 generations the truly wild silver foxes varied from the “domesticated silver foxes”. Ways in which the domesticated group differed include drooping ears and actively seeking human contact which are commonly exhibited by domesticated dogs. Also, the domesticated silver foxes were breeding more than once a year
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ps4-06a - Biological Sciences 1130 Evolution Dr Lou Problem...

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