myth - Assignment 3 The Creation of the World In the...

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April 17, 2008 Assignment 3 The Creation of the World In the beginning there was only the earth, Ringo. Lonely Ringo made the sky, George, who became her lover. There were no people and no animals. George and Ringo produced many children together which were the birds who flew in the sky. One day George decided that he no longer wanted to be second to Ringo. He created rain and began to flood the earth. It rained for months and months until Ringo was no longer visible, creating the sea. As Ringo lay helpless under the sea, her children, the birds in the sky above, lamented the loss of their mother, as they were forbidden to even make contact with her again. Ringo created the creatures of the sea to keep her company, but she was still always sad, as she missed her children above. One day the seagull, Lucy, was flying in the sky with Diamond, the dove, and Jude, the eagle. They met together to talk about what they could do as they could no longer tolerate the sadness of not longer being able to see their mother. Overhearing the conversation between the birds, John, the dolphin, and Paul, the crawfish, went to Ringo and told her about her children. They too could no longer bear seeing the sadness of their mother and came up with a plan. They suggested to their mother that the sea creatures take her piece by piece to the surface of the water. Once there, the birds could take her to the shallow water. Ringo agreed and gave a message for John and Paul to
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myth - Assignment 3 The Creation of the World In the...

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