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DRA 126— Beowulf Review Sheet 1. Though the Anglo-Saxon epic, Beowulf , stands at the beginning of English literature, the hero is Scandinavian and represents the spirit of the ___. Vikings 2. The scene of Beowulf is the region around the Baltic Sea. What is the conjectured time of the plot? 6 th century 3. What is the conjectured date of composition in the oral tradition? Not earlier than 8 th century 4. What is the conjectured date of preservation in manuscript? unknown, sometime between the 8th and 11th century 5. In Kevin Crossley-Holland’s version of Beowulf , ___ is the stranger who tells the story of heroes, of monsters, and of Denmark? Gangleri in your tongue Wanderer 6. What is the real identity of this one-eyed stranger? Odin 7. ___ was King of the Geats (Sweden). Hygelac 8. Beowulf was the Geatish king’s __. Nephew 9. ___ was the King of Denmark. Hrothgar 10. ___ was the King of Denmark’s wife and queen. Wealhtheow
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