Terms- Mary and the Medieval Church

Terms- Mary and the Medieval Church - value 13) Anna a. a...

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Terms- Mary and the Medieval Church 1) Pilgrimage a. a journey to a sacred place – believed to wipe away sins 2) Santiago de Compostela a. A pilgrimage to the resting place of Jesus’ apostles (the pilgrimage set by St. James) 3) Chartres a. Chartres is built on the left bank of the Eure River, on a hill crowned by its famous cathedral, the spires of which are a landmark in the surrounding country 4) Tympanum a. The space enclosed by a lintel and an arch over a doorway. 5) Labyrinth a. maze: complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost 6) Joachim a. 7) Sacred a. concerned with religion or religious purposes 8) Apse a. The semi-circular termination of the east end of the chancel or chapel. b. Often consists of the altar 9) Narthex a. Enclosed passage between the main entrance and nave of a church; vestibule. 10) Nave a. The central area of the church
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11) Aisle a. A part of a church divided laterally from the nave by a row of pillars or columns. 12) Relic a. 1: antiquity that as survived from the distant past 2: something of sentimental
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Unformatted text preview: value 13) Anna a. a former copper coin of Pakistan 14) Profane a. characterized by irreverence or contempt for God or sacred principles or things; irreligious. unholy; heathen; pagan 15) Reliquary a. A receptacle, such as a coffer or shrine, for keeping or displaying sacred relics. 16) Notre Dame a. a Gothic cathedral in Paris, France, with its main entrance to the west b. One of the first cathedrals using flying buttresses c. The name means “Our Lady” in french d. Completed around 1345 17) Medieval a. The period prior to the Renaissance, c. 500-1450, marking the music of the early Christian church 18) Incarnation a. embodiment: a new personification of a familiar idea 19) Liminal a. An adjective referring to an elusive but sensually rich threshold between two different places or states. 20) Legibility a. A legible area is one with a strong sense of local identity b. The quality of being readable or distinguishable by the eye...
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Terms- Mary and the Medieval Church - value 13) Anna a. a...

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