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1renal corpuscle bomans capsule gl o me rul us 2renal

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Unformatted text preview: of the nephron? 1.Renal Corpuscle (Boman's Capsule & Gl o me rul us ) 2.Renal Tubule The renal tubules are c o m p o s e d o f: 1. proximal convoluted tubule 2. Loop of Henle (thin segment:descending/thick segment: ascending) 3. Distal convoluted tubule 4. Collecting ducts What is the Goal of urine production? maintain homeostasis by regulating the volume and composition of what stays in the blood What 3 process are involved in urine formation? 1.Filtration (in renal corpusule by glomulurus) 2. Reabsorption (from the renal tubules by peritubules 3. Secretion (by renal tubules; "filtrate" things body doesn't need) What is the blood pressure at the glomulerus? 70 mm Hg; this is what pushes material from blood through the filtrations slits to Bowman's capsule into tubules. Describe glomulerar filtrate. Filters out of the blood: metabolic wastes, ions, glucose, free fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins What is the composition of bl o o d de pe n de n t o n ? what the kidney reabsorbs by means of the peritubules The glomulerulus filtration m e m b r a n e i s c o m p...
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