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Decrease in bp renin is released from jg ce l l s

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Unformatted text preview: l muscles instead) 2. decrease in BP = renin is released from JG ce l l s 2.decreases GFR 3.Slows production of filtrate Describe the renninangiotensin system. Enzyme renin is released from juxtaglomerular cells when BP drops. Renin converts Angiotensinogen (in the plasma from liver) = Angiotensin I, which travels to the lungs becomes Angiotensin II = stimulates secretion of aldosterone (adrenal cortex) & ADH (pituitary) = increases GFR & increases BP Why? 1.aldosterone = causes Na+ reabsorption and water follows in collecting ducts 2.ADH = causes H20 reabsorption in DCT pH o f u r i n e 4.5-8.0 (average 6) more meat you eat the more acidic more vegetarian you are the more alkaline Specific gravity of urine 1.001-1.035 What is completely reabsorbed into bloodstream? organic nutrients: amino acids, vitamins, gl u c o s e Where does the yellow pigment o f u r i n e c o m e fr o m ? pigment from bacteria in colon that causes byproduct buildup excreted in urine from bloodstream. Urine composition u r o bi l i n , o d o r fr o m s m a l l m o l e c u l e s a s a m m o n i a , urea- from breakdown of amino acids in liver (different from ammonia) creatinine-skeletal muscle break down Uric acid-from RNA nitroge...
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