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Function smooth muscle muscular tubes from kidneys to

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Unformatted text preview: n bases ureters? function? smooth muscle muscular tubes from kidneys to bladder; peristalsis moves the urine to bladder Bladder? function? Smooth muscle hollow muscular organ. Covered with transitional cells Temporary storage for urine 3 openings (2 ureters & 1 urethra) Rugae Pressure receptors Compare the urethra in males a n d fe m a l e s urethra is shorter in females Describe the micturition reflex 1. stretch receptors stimulated at 150-200 mL o f u r i n e i n bl a dde r 2. stimulus conveyed to spinal cord (parasympathetic preganglionic motor fiber in pe l v i c n e r v e ) 3. interneuron relays impulse to thalamus 4. postgangionic neuron stimulates muscle contraction of bladder 5. Thalamus sends message to cortex of the br a i n 6. Voluntary relaxation of external urethral sphincter causes relaxation of internal (involuntary) urethral sphincter 7. urination occurs at 500 ml (external sphincter can't "hold it any longer") P ye l o g r a m Radiographic study that detects kidney stones, structural abnormalities & obstructions in kidneys & ureters Glomerulonephritis inflammation of the glomerus; usually after strep infection; changes filtration so you get protein & RBC in u...
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