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Carrie Gamper Writing 1122 Professor Stacks February 13, 2008 “Advertising agents focus their attention on identifying—and often inventing—personal anxieties that could be resolved by the purchase of specific products.” According to historian, Roy Rosenzweig, this is how advertisers were able to capture the attention of the masses throughout history. This theory helps to understand the style of advertisements printed by RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company's Camel Cigarettes. In the early nineteen forties they used political propaganda in order to market their cigarettes. They followed the popular advertising campaigns, appealing to the desires of young men. In the late twentieth century the audience of Camel advertisements does not change, however, the style they use in order to attract this audience does. Instead of using political influence to attract young men it instead appeals to their rebellious desires. Through rhetorically analyzing the content and design of a nineteen-forty- three and a late twentieth century Camel Cigarette advertisement one can gain a further understanding that they are appealing to the desires of young men. In the Camel Cigarette advertisement from nineteen-forty-three an aircraft was purposefully placed in the background, prominently displaying the cigarette between the beautiful, young, woman pilot fingers in the foreground. World War Two began in nineteen- thirty-nine, and it was the second war in which aircraft was used for military purposes. Aviation was still modern, captivating and interesting, which is why it was often used in political propaganda of the time. Since the government still had control on what should, and should not,
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This essay was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course WRIT 1122 taught by Professor G.stacks during the Winter '08 term at Denver.

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Essay - Carrie Gamper Writing 1122 Professor...

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