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Unformatted text preview: 871960892 Business Environment Professor Stapp September 26, 2007 Richard Tucker Sr., after playing lacrosse for 8 years in both high school and college, searched for a way to level the lacrosse playing field. The majority of the sticks at the time were made of wood, and they varied in weight, height and thickness; making it so that no two sticks were the same. Mr. Tucker invented a synthetic stick that allowed all sticks to be the same weight, width, and length, giving no one player an unfair advantage over the next. The company Mr. Tucker created to manufacture these synthetic lacrosse sticks is rightfully named STX (pronounced sticks). This belief in fairness and equality is what marks STX as the wholesome “All American” lacrosse brand. In Bo Burlingham’s Small Giants a few examples of companies that Mr. Burlingham perceives as ethical are presented, one of which is Clif Bar Inc. The history and the beliefs that Gary Erickson, the owner of Clif Bar, bases his company off of and the code of conduct he follows, along with his employees, are very similar to that of STX. These two companies have strong moral standards that allow them to be, not only successful, but in Bo Burlingham’s terms, small giants....
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STX-Small_Giant-Essay[1] - 871960892 Business Environment...

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