Notes 3-31-08

Notes 3-31-08 - Develop customer relationships Improve...

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A Quick Review From Last Class Business Stakeholder Fiduciary Duty Digital Divide Moore’s Law Importance of IT in Business and in Your Career C-Level Positions (CEO –chief executive officer, CMO CFO CPO CHRO CTO) Good Work Habits and Safeguarding Work Questions to Ponder How will we master technology How will we manage companies How will we compete What will our careers be like in the era 24/7 global workforce? Why IT (Information Technology) To communicate information – to make decisions, serve costumers, negotiate prices Using IT to Achieve Business Value
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Unformatted text preview: Develop customer relationships Improve operations Drive innovation Build partner connections What Technology Can Do For Business Generate revenue communications Manage and control productivity and efficiency Reduce costs leverage resources Wow guests, loyalty business analytics Product consistency security Differentiation sourcing Business Challenges and Needs 360 degree view of the customer Technology for differentiation Flexibility in choosing systems Easier implementation Partners solutions that scale...
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Notes 3-31-08 - Develop customer relationships Improve...

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