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SLIDE 1: COVER PAGE SLIDE 2: OVERVIEW Analisa SLIDE 3: SYNOPSIS Analisa SLIDE 4: Swimming Scene Darren Brashear was a cook on a naval ship, the USS Hoist, and as the navy was still segregated, it was a “white” day for swimming in the ocean. Carl decided that he was hot and wanted to go swimming so he decided to challenge the Status Quo by jumping into the water with all of the white men. This also demonstrated that he was being an ineffective follower as he did not follow directions. By challenging the status quo he also inspired the rest of the African American sailors. SLIDE 5: Chief Sunday’s Last Dive Carrie Chief Sunday was the Master Chief of his diving team, and after he had undressed from his diving suit, one of his men fell into the water without the hoist attached to him. Even though a superior officer told Sunday that he would not dive in to save this man, Sunday ignored the order and went in to save his life. This demonstrated his values as the team leader, proving that the life of one of his officers is more important than his own. He understood the WIFFMs of his team by expressing that even though he is their leader he values their lives. This last dive injured Sunday’s lungs so that he would never be able to dive again.
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Film Analysis Notes - SLIDE 1 COVER PAGE SLIDE 2 OVERVIEW...

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