Problem Solving Process

Problem Solving Process - behaviors as the result or...

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Problem Solving Process Plan Define Problem Collect Data Analyze Data Generate Alternatives Develop Criteria for Evaluating Alternatives Evaluate, Prioritize, & Select Activities Develop Action Plan Do Check act Chapter 5 Power and Influence WHAT IS POWER? Has the ability to produce effects on others or the potential to influence others’ behaviors and attitudes. Follower or situational characteristics may diminish a leader’s potential to influence followers. Power does not need to be exercised in order to have its effect (Second to None) Power is attributed to others on the basis and frequency of influence tactics they use and on their outcomes INFLUENCE Influence can be defined as the change in a target agents attitudes, values, beliefs, or
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Unformatted text preview: behaviors as the result or influence tactics. Influence tactics refer to one person’s actual behaviors designed to change another person’s attitudes beliefs, values Types of Tactics: Rational persuasion – If we don’t, who will Inspiration appeals – it’s the right thing to do Consultation – collaboration Ingrations – sucking up Personal appeals – we need to do this for all of us Exchange – you deliver, ill give Coalition tactics – us against them Pressure tactics – it would be in your best interest Legitimizing tactics – its our responsibility...
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Problem Solving Process - behaviors as the result or...

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