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followership - hear Survivers Alienated Followers...

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The Followers Certain aspects of followers affect the leadership process: Expectations, personality traits, maturity levels, level of competence, motivation Changing Roles for Followers The leader follower relationship is in a period of dynamic change Increased pressure to function with reduced resources. Trend toward greater power sharing and decentralized authority in organizations. Increase in complex problems Followers can become much more proactive in their stance toward organizational problems Followers can better contribute to the leadership process by becoming better skilled at “influencing upward” Followership Sheep -passive -do not play an active role -simply comply with any order that is given to them - no independent thinking Yes People - Active Followers - Readily Carry Out Orders Uncritically o Dangerous if orders contradict standards - Example: Person who always says what He or she thinks the Leader wants to
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Unformatted text preview: hear Survivers Alienated Followers Credibility Been there a while Bad Attitude Passive/Critical Festering Wounds in an organization Criticize at will but never offer a constructive support or take positive action to solve problems or propose solutions Effective Followers Active/Self Critical Reflects on Organizational Goals and Values Not Hesitant to bring concerns to Leader Proactive approace Own the territory Combine competence and commitment Deal with conflict in a positive manner Empowered to do the job Make sound decisions Enthusiastic Have passion and excitement Positive outlook Versatility and Flexibility Adjust to Changes in Environment Exemplify Core Values Integrity Service before self Excellence in all we Do Proactive Approach Accept responsibility Accountability Pursue goals Priorities Methodology standards...
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followership - hear Survivers Alienated Followers...

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