Gamper- IPIP Assignment

Gamper- IPIP Assignment - Carrie Gamper Leadership and...

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Carrie Gamper Leadership and Communication (1080) Professor Simon February 5, 2008 The International Personality Item Pool Representation of the NEO PI-R is a personality test that compares one to others of the same gender and similar age. The report is meant to estimate the person’s level on each of the five different factors analyzed. The factors include; extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience. Each factor is then split up into more specific descriptions of the factor. For each description and factor the individual taking the IPIP-NEO Narrative Report scores either low, medium, or high, depending on whether their score is in the lowest thirty percent, middle forty percent, or highest thirty percent of scores received by people of similar gender and age. Here I will present what I have scored in each factor of the report, which areas I need to work on, and how I will go about receiving more satisfactory results. The first factor in which I received feedback was extraversion. The test defines extraversion as follows, “Extraversion is marked by pronounced engagement with the external world.” In the factor of extraversion I received a medial score of sixty four. The assessment of this scored defined me as neither a loner nor a chatterbox, enjoying time with others and alone. I believe this is a correct assessment of me, and one that needs less attention than other factors. I believe time spent with others allows for more relationships and allows one to grow. However time spent alone also allows for self evaluation and thus is also useful in the development of one’s character. The specific descriptions of extraversion on which I was graded were; friendliness, gregariousness, assertiveness, activity level, excitement-seeking, and cheerfulness. Obtaining an average score within each facet I believe to be good. However, I do have room
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Gamper- IPIP Assignment - Carrie Gamper Leadership and...

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