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Exercise 3-Gamper - include the light rail to get downtown...

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Exercise 3: Analysis of Peer’s Map 1) The title of this map is “A Map 4 A Friend.” This obviously states that the author of this map intended this map to be for a peer who may not be from the University of Denver. The author of this map intended for the audience to be able to find him/her quickly since places of importance to him/her are enlarged. For example the person’s locker in the lacrosse stadium is clearly defined as number 26. Also when depicting the Dorms the North tower is seen larger than the South tower, implying that it is more important, and that he lives in the North tower. 2) This map argues that the University of Denver is a campus friendly to lacrosse partiers. The lettering in the title of “A Map 4 A Friend” is written in a whimsical font, continuing with the fun theme for the audience. It also includes many extracurricular activities that the friend may enjoy. These
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Unformatted text preview: include the light rail to get downtown on, the Cherry Creek Mall, the Lacrosse House, Spankees, the Pub and Vail. 3) This Map is more oriented towards a friend having a good time while visiting a current lacrosse student at the University of Denver. The map includes nicknames of places, like Halls instead of Centennial Halls. The map that I created was more formal with current pictures of buildings that would make it easy for a lacrosse recruit to find the few buildings that are important. Since this map is for a friend, the free hand drawings would be accepted more quickly than if it was for a recruit. A potential athlete may want a quick tour of campus to get their bearings and that is what my map would offer them. This map also offers all of the potentially important places drawn to be similar sizes but on my map the importance is depicted by the size of the buildings....
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