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Carrie Gamper February 19, 2008 Taking place in New York, Evelyn Alsultany’s “Recasting Moving Selves” describes as multicultural man in America’s struggle with self identity. The audience at first seems to be anyone who may see a person with a multicultural background and judge them. However as the reader moves further into the essay they understand that this is Alsultany’s attempt at connecting to those similar to himself. Asking, “What should I try to pass for next time?” he is looking for an answer on how to handle his difficult situation from someone who would understand. The entire essay he describes the difficulty in being from Iraqi and Cuban decent. He struggles to explain to each person who poses the question of his ethnicity, which ethnicity he relates most with. When he poses the question about how to handle these situations in the future he is trying
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Unformatted text preview: to reach out and find a person who can truly relate to him. It seems as though he is lost and alone, two feelings humans try their best to avoid, and this is his one chance to find that connection he has been lacking. Each encounter he describes, whether it be the one with a white female, a Pakistani male, an Ecuadorian male, or a Costa Rican female helps to support his idea that he feels lost in the company of most everyone and that is why he is reaching out in an attempt to find another ethnically lost soul in the great big world. 1. ? 2. Envy is spelled differently 3. Disinterested – non-partial uninterested – not caring 4. Greek mythology 5. HAAAAAAAY 6. My best friend’s name is Annie...
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