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1. The tone of the essay by Ehrenreich is pissed off, with a hint of sarcasm. She demonstrates this when stating, “The ‘dropped socks,’ left by a man for a woman to gather up and launder, joined lipstick and spike heels as emblems of gender oppression.” 2. The audience would be women. In the last paragraph where she states, “However we resolve the issue in our individual homes…” Here she is speaking to all of the women that she wrote this essay for. To allow them to relate and to feel empowered. 3. The pathos, the way she tries to make the reader feel is either pissed off, similar to herself, or embarrassed. She writes so that if a certain audience such as a man, or a person used to being waited on read this they would feel embarrassed. However if a woman/wife, or a servant, or a flight attendant, est. were to read this essay they would be
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Unformatted text preview: able to relate, and would join Ehrenreich in her feeling of being upset. This is all demonstrated in the quote, “A servant economy may provide opportunities, however limited, for poor and immigrant women. But it also breed callousness and solipsism in the served and it does so all the more effectively when the service is performed close up and routinely in the place where they live and reproduce.” 4. She is a woman writing to women. She defines herself as a powerful woman, who does not need to be tied down by the social bondage that marks her as a housewife. She believes and seeks to empower other women to believe that they have more potential than being the backbone of a household. She uses powerful words and does her best to speak to all women....
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