Lecture 5 Language and Culture

Stuffed getting driven under the water by a wave

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Unformatted text preview: d waves • pumping - above average large swell. dune - a big peaky wave. reef break- where you find the best barrel • rip - to surf really well or a strong under current in the ocean. • stuffed - getting driven under the water by a wave coming down on you. • tow-ins - getting towed into waves that are too large to paddle into. • tube - the cylindrical or cone shaped hole created when the lip pitches out far and clean enough to create a space between the wave and the falls. Western Culture & Nigeria Western • Berlin and Kay: Analysis of Color • Order and regularity in which color Order terms are chosen terms Color Classification: Cross Cultural Perspective Perspective Two colors in a language: Light/white Light/white Day Day Good Good Culture Culture Female Female Life Life Dark/black Dark/black Night Evil Nature Male Death Third Color: RED” Associations: Associations: Fire Blood Sun Emotion Ambivalent Meanings Positive Negative FIRE cooks food warmth, protection harden tools destroys,kills BLOOD birth hunting,killing SUN warmth,growth destroy­burns EMOTIONS love anger People and cultures respond to different colors in different ways. Each culture finds its own language to identify what a a color may mean to them. Identify what the following colors mean to you, that is, what emotions, symbols or imagery do they invoke? they Red Red Black Blue Yellow Green White Language, Culture & Color Language, Western Symbolism Cherokee Indian Symbolism Asian Symbolism Red: Excitement, energy, passion, love, power, danger, fire, blood, war power, East, sacred fire, blood, and success South, fire, happiness, luck, marriage, prosperity Yellow: Yellow: Joy, happiness, optimism, summer gold, philosophy, dishonesty, illness cowardice Trouble and vexation Trouble Center, earth , protection Center, against evil, ancestors, sacred, imperial, subsistence imperial, Green: Green: Nature, environment, healthy, renewal Nature, youth, fertility,...
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