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paper 2 peer review

paper 2 peer review - 3 How does the writer establish...

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WRIT 1122 7 February 2007 Paper #2 Peer Review Proposal to Group 1. Take a minute to read through the proposal without marking on anything or commenting on anything. 2. Jot down or circle four words that are appropriate for that particular audience. 3. Find a word (if any) that would be inappropriate. 4. How does the writer address the needs/expectations of his/her audience? What values of the group does the writer appeal to? 5. Look at the document itself (or look at the description of the document). Is this the best format for this audience? What other options could the writer have used? Letter to the Provost 1. Take a minute to read thorough the letter without marking anything. 2. What format is this letter in? Do you think this format is rhetorically effective?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. How does the writer establish his/her ethos? 4. What needs or values of the provost does the writer appeal to? 5. Find a word or phrase that would be considered formal. 6. How long is the letter? Is this length rhetorically effective? Why or why not? 7. What is your favorite sentence in this letter? Why? Analytical Essay 1. Does the writer use specific examples in supporting his/her analysis? What kinds of examples? 2. Is the language of this essay formal? How so? Give an example. 3. Can you find a place where the writer merely describes something without analyzing it? 4. What is your favorite sentence of this essay? Why? 5. Do any of these key words appear in their essay: audience, argument, rhetorical, ethos, pathos, logos?...
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