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analysis of my introductory speech - was able to keep the...

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Carrie Gamper April 7, 2008 Crex 1212 Analysis of My Introductory Speech On Wednesday April 2, 2008, I delivered my first speech for “Speaking Out: Ideas that Matter.” This was our introductory speech and I chose to inform my audience about how the sport of lacrosse has an impact in my past present and future. I believe that in general I delivered the speech well. There were however some parts that I should work on for my future speeches. I know that it is very important to know your audience. It is for that reason that I opened my speech with a sexual reference. The joke about the balls and a stick was received highly by the audience and this boosted my confidence and got me on a role. I spoke with confidence and, when I did look up, I was able to look at the audience in the faces. The speech itself I also believe was a positive aspect since I
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Unformatted text preview: was able to keep the topic understandable for those who do not know the sport, yet I was able to give them a little insight into it. The ability to make the audience laugh and to keep the topic interesting and simple are the two main positive aspects I learned I should continue to use in my speech writing. While I do believe that my speech went very well, I know that it was not perfect. When I looked up at the audience, instead of glancing around the room, I should have held the gazes of more people. I also think that in the future I should be freer with my body as I deliver my speech. I had impulses to walk around, so as to connect more with the audience, but my feet seemed to be growing roots. I have learned from these mistakes, and I know I will improve on them in the future....
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