Trigonometry rectangle a bh triangle 1 a bh 2 circle

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Unformatted text preview: V = wh Cylinder V = pr2 A= C= V= S= b= h= = w= r= area circumference volume surface area base height length width radius S = 2p r + 2p r 2 Sphere 4 V = pr3 3 ATOMIC AND NUCLEAR PHYSICS E = hf = pc n= d = separation f = frequency or focal length h = height L = distance M = magnification m = an integer n = index of refraction R = radius of curvature s = distance u = speed x = position l = wavelength q = angle energy frequency kinetic energy mass momentum wavelength work function S = 4p r 2 Right Triangle a 2 + b2 = c2 a sin q = c b cos q = c a tan q = b 4 c a 90° q b 2006 AP® PHYSICS B FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS (Form B) PHYSICS B SECTION II Time— 90 minutes 6 Questions Directions: Answer all six questions, which are weighted according to the points indicated. The suggested time is about 17 minutes for answering each of questions 1-4, and about 11 minutes for answering each of questions 5-6. The parts within a question may not have equal weight. Show all your work in the goldenrod bookl...
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