The magnitude of the force on the q charge at this

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Unformatted text preview: y this happens. © 2006 The College Board. All rights reserved. Visit (for AP professionals) and (for students and parents). GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. 8 2006 AP® PHYSICS B FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS (Form B) 4. (15 points) A ray of red light in air ( l = 650 nm ) is incident on a semicircular block of clear plastic (n = 1.51 for this light), as shown above. The ray strikes the block at its center of curvature at an angle of incidence of 27°. (a) Part of the incident ray is reflected and part is refracted at the first interface. i. Determine the angle of reflection at the first interface. Draw and label the reflected ray on the diagram above. ii. Determine the angle of refraction at the first interface. Draw and label the refracted ray on the diagram above. iii. Determine the speed of the light in the plastic block. iv. Determine the wavelength of the light in the plastic block. (b) The source of red light is replaced with one that produces blue light ( l = 450 nm ), for w...
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