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Black Power Movement What does it mean when we use the phrase black pride? James Brown and his followers preached Black power; they knew Black is beautiful. Pride is a truly deep and strong emotion that comes from the heart and gives support for something that someone helps build, and is built from. Power derives from a unity of the minds and hearts of a people who come together to love common things about each other and the world they live in, and who agree to a common goal and purpose. The Black people have had a strange and uphill battle to fight. From Africa they were stolen, traded, and sold to a strange land. Some of it was their neighbors and enemies, and some of it, the White man who would come to represent the master. Therein lies the problem, as someone is made a master race, and someone lowered to the status of a slave. Everyone knows the plight of the Black slave, everyone knows the horrifying journey they experienced, and the outrageous infringement on civil rights they met on
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